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Choosing the right bathroom countertop

Surface protection is important in bathrooms.

A bathroom countertop isn’t just a flat surface to hold your toiletries, it’s also an important aesthetic factor in your home. Along with the bathroom’s paint job, wallpaper and fixtures, it’s one of the most important design choices for a bathroom.

Going with stone is a given for many homeowners, as it is a strong material that can stand up to wear and tear. Additionally, the natural beauty of stone, from its colors to textures, makes it a popular choice.

However, there are many stone variations to choose from.


Limestone is one of the most readily available stones, making it a more affordable choice for homeowners. It also comes in a wide variety of colors.

However, it is also a very absorbent stone, making proper sealing essential. Impregnating sealers will provide protection for limestone surfaces, helping to defend against stains and make bathroom countertops easier to clean.

Owners should keep in mind that acidic substances can damage limestone, even if it’s sealed.


Marble stone is often associated with expensive, elegant homes, but that doesn’t mean the average homeowner can’t add a bit of glamor to their property with a marble bathroom countertop.

Marble comes in many different colors, from standard blacks and whites to blue and pink. It is also one of the most expensive types of stones, making proper maintenance vital to protecting your investment.

Just like with limestone, marble must be properly treated with an impregnating sealer, such as STAIN-PROOF Originalâ„¢. This will help keep your countertops protected from stains and make cleaning marble much easier.

Also, marble is vulnerable to acidic compounds and chemicals even if it is sealed.


A slate countertop is perfect for homeowners looking to add a more organic feel to their bathrooms. Perfect for less formal spaces, slate is an extremely durable stone that also offers a softer feel when compared to stones like granite.

Slate is also on the more expensive end of the stone spectrum, making stain-resistant sealer an important part of upkeep.

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