Surface Cleaning

3 stone care scenarios and the products they require

When the worst happens to your stone, there are some products you can turn to.

Remember your parents' classic trick for getting stains out of your clothes? Pour a little club soda on then stain, then scrub gently or intensely, depending on the severity o...

Top 3 weirdest sources of stains

These seagulls could end up being a menace to your stone.

You're probably well aware of some of the more common types of stains that can afflict your stone: Water, oil, coffee, leaves, just to name a few. In fact, we wrote a whole ar...

A brief guide to post-sealing surface protection

Sealing your stone isn't a fool-proof surface protection solution.

Anyone who's ever used a Dry-Treat sealer, such as STAIN-PROOF Original™, knows you're dealing with a reliable and highly effective product. As far we're conce...

Top 3 global suppliers of stone

Brazil is where the US gets the biggest share of its foreign stone from.

Have you ever looked at stone and wondered where it came from? That limestone patio could literally be a little Italy, while your granite countertop might be a small piece of ...

Turkish stone comes back in vogue

Your stone might have come from the beautiful coasts of Turkey.

The stone used to make various features in your home doesn't all necessarily come from one place. The natural stone industry is a global one, and material comes from not just ...

Top 3 types of American marble

Alabama is home to one of the finest building stones in the world.

If you're not well versed in the ways of marble, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there's only one variety in the world. In reality, there's not even one kin...

How granite can keep your kitchen bacteria-free

Granite can help reduce the amount of bacteria in your kitchen.

You may not realize it, but your kitchen may well be the dirtiest part of your entire house. In a much-cited, widely reported study from 2005, researchers for the University of Ari...

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Top 3 state stones you’ve probably never heard of

The sandstone which makes up the Valley of Fire is Nevada's official state rock.

Recently at Surfacepedia, we gave you a short (and hopefully interesting!) history of one of the most famous types of American stone: Yule marble, the state rock of Colorado. ...

How to conduct an acid sensitivity test on your stone

An acid sensitivity test can be conducted with household vinegar.

Ensuring quality surface protection for your stone - whether it be with a sealer or by being careful with the particular substances you use around a stone - means knowing what ston...

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The top 3 most asked sealer questions

Your burning questions about sealers will finally be answered.

Just because you've had your stone sealed in the past doesn't necessarily mean you're an expert on every aspect of sealers. After all, we may all own cars, but most of us couldn't...

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Don’t let coffee mean calamity for your stone

The relative lack of foam in coffee makes it easier to spill.

What would we do without that morning shot of espresso to get us started for the working day or week? While most people would agree the world runs on substances like oil, there's c...

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Stone origins: American Bluestone

Bluestone has a complex set of origins.

When you ask someone about bluestone, depending on where they're from, you're likely to get some vastly different answers. The single name 'bluestone' refers to a number of differe...

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Stone origins: Terracotta

The terracotta pots and other objects are made from has an interesting production process.

All of the natural stone examples we've previously discussed in our "Stone origins" series had one thing in common: They were the result of millions of years of intense, geological...

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Versailles in Delaware: Surface cleaning at Namours

You can find something approximating the grandeur of Versailles in Delaware.

The United States of America's European heritage is evident in many parts of its cultural geography, from the many towns named after European capitals to the neoclassical arch...

Spotting the trends in stone

Granite is one of the most popular stones in America.

There are so many stones to choose from out there. From beautiful, dark granite and milky limestone, to harsh, textured sandstone and dusty terracotta, modern home owners are ...

Porosity: A pithy primer

All matter is more nothing than something.

Porosity: If you're a regular reader of Surfacepedia, you're probably familiar with the term. And if you're a homeowner who happens to have a prominent feature made ...

Getting your stone ready for Santa’s visit – stains to watch out for

The fun-sized figure of the festive season could leave your stone with a few flaws.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you can expect to find a stranger rummaging through your house in the dead of night, eating your food and promptly disappearing into the dusk. W...

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Getting your brick chimney ready for Christmas

For most of the year, there's a good chance you've simply been using the fireplace to your heart's content, heedless of the consequences. The likely result is a deeply stained fire...

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What’s on your Dry-Treat Christmas wish-list?

With Christmas on the horizon, for many people it's time to start considering what they want to appear in their stockings come morning. If you're something of an athlete, perhap...

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Have you been naughty or nice to your stone this year?

Have you treated your natural stone well or poorly this year?

It's not enough to install a granite countertop, a slate patio or a limestone floor, then sit back and enjoy your beautiful new item. Being the owner of a natural stone featur...

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