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Can I cut food on my counter top?

On surfaces like marble or limestone, a cutting board is essential.

A kitchen counter top exists for the messy business of preparing food. Rolling meat around on it, covering it in messy ingredients, spilling drinks of all kinds on its surface – when it comes to anything food-related, your counter top is where all the excitement happens.

Natural stone is a common surface material for counter tops, due to factors like its beauty, longevity and – perhaps most importantly – its toughness. No one needs to be told that stone is a hard material, whether it's marble or quartz. 

So it's not surprising that many people who own a natural stone countertop also want to be able to cut on it, whether it's meat, fruit or vegetables. It's more convenient than taking out a cutting board every time. Of course, natural stone is also very expensive, so you want to be absolutely sure you can do this. 

Cutting on a stone counter top

The short answer to whether or not you can cut on a stone counter top is: It depends. Namely, it varies from counter top to counter top based on the type of stone you're chosen for the surface. 

For instance, if you've chosen granite as your counter top material, you shouldn't have a problem putting knife to stone. Granite is one of the toughest stones out there, and is highly resistant to abrasions and scratching. It also typically will not crack from normal use. 

On the other hand, other types of stone can't just shrug off damage form kitchen utensils so easily. Limestone, marble, slate – all of these are softer stones that will wear the marks of slicing and dicing, particularly over long-term use. 

In other words, for virtually any stone other than granite, you'll want to definitely get the cutting board out. And even for granite, it couldn't hurt to treat it gently to really ensure it sticks around in pristine condition. 

Remember, there are also many other ways your stone counter top can get damaged. Be sure to seal it with Dry-Treat's STAIN-PROOF Plus™ for premium surface protection

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