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All you need to know about Accredited Applicators

An accredited applicator is a tradesperson trained in using Dry-Treat products.

When you fork out the money for a marble floor or a granite countertop, you want to have premium surface protection to ensure your investment stays secure. That's where a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator comes in. 

If you've been reading Surfacepedia for some time, or taken a gander at Dry-Treat's line of high-quality sealing products, you've probably come across the term a few times. But who are these mysterious individuals and how can they benefit your home? 

Who are Accredited Applicators?

Accredited Applicators are professional tradespeople – from builders to painters – who are specifically trained in using Dry-Treat's products. Nowadays, one becomes an Accredited Applicator by passing a number of tests and courses and receiving the hands-on training with sealers. 

Dry-Treat Accredited Applicators have a deep familiarity with products like STAIN-PROOF Original™, receiving ongoing practical and technical training for how to most effectively use these products. 

Why would I make use of Accredited Applicators?

It's true that sealers can be applied without the help of a professional. Dry-Treat products come with handy instructions on them that give you the bare-bones information any ordinary homeowner needs to seal their stone. 

However, just because you can do it yourself, doesn't mean that's always the best course. 

Dry-Treat Accredited Applicators are experts in stone and tile protection and know all the techniques of doing a successful job. It's one thing to apply a product – but in order to have a long-term working result, you have to do it correctly. 

This is why all Dry-Treat Accredited Applicators have access to Dry-Treat's warranty system, another major benefit to you. When an Accredited Applicator seals your driveway, floor or any other surface, she or he will provide you with a performance warranty lasting anything from five to 25 years. So you don't have to give your stone a second thought for a good while. 

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