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4 easy methods of stain prevention

The natural dyes in leaves can seep into natural stone.

No one likes a stain, particularly if it happens to be on your natural stone surface. Sure, you probably chose natural stone because of its toughness, but be honest – the aesthetic considerations were really the big draw-card. 

If you want to keep your stone immaculate and beautiful, there's a good chance you'll partake in stain removal somewhere down the line. But before you have to apply some Rejuvenata ACTIVE™ on your surface, try out these simple prevention methods. 


Who knew that the humble household coaster was actually one of the most effective fighters of stain at your disposal?

It's easy to absent-mindedly put down a glass of water or some other type of liquid on the kitchen counter without thinking. But for some stones, such as limestone, it's a only matter of seconds before water is absorbed into the surface, leaving an unpleasant-looking ring stain. 

Removing your shoes

It's tempting to think that, with a stone-tiled floor, you can walk around the house or office worry-free. Unlike a carpet, dirt won't so easily get caught in the surface of a stone, and any stains will be easier to clean out – there'll be no painstaking scrubbing or fooling around with club soda. 

However, not only can dirt still stain stones over time – such as travertine, whose troughs and holes are perfect for collecting dust and dirt –  but even more damaging are the scuff marks from shoes. Sometimes, taking your shoes off before getting into the house can be the most effective form of tile protection

Raking in the bucks

Stone surfaces typically don't come cheap – it's important to look at them as a valuable asset that needs to be protected. Yet if you've installed a stone surface in your outdoor area, you leave it vulnerable to leaf stains, as natural dyes seep into the stone over time. 

Therefore, be proactive about keeping your stone surface clear of any leaves branches or other such objects.

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