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3 stone care scenarios and the products they require

When the worst happens to your stone, there are some products you can turn to.

Remember your parents' classic trick for getting stains out of your clothes? Pour a little club soda on then stain, then scrub gently or intensely, depending on the severity of the stain. Before you know it, voila! – it's gone. 

If only stone surface cleaning and protection were so simple. Instead, when you're dealing with stone, there seems to be a near endless variety and complexity of situations you have to take care of – and finding the product that matches each can be hard. 

Here are three potential stone care scenarios you might run into, and which products you should use for each.

1. "My faded limestone patio needs sealing"

When you first installed that patio, it was the centerpiece of your home. But more than a decade later, it's lost some of its original luster, and the sealer's also been removed, leaving it vulnerable to the elements. 

This is where Dry-Treat's INTENSIFIA™ can come in handy. INTENSIFIA™ is not only a sealer, but is also a color enhancer, so it will return those limestone tiles to even better than its original sheen. 

2. "My basalt floor is covered in efflorescence"

Basalt, like granite, slate and the like, is a remarkably tough and durable stone. This quality, coupled with the stone's beauty, likely made it a good choice when you originally chose it as the surface material for your floor. 

However, even a tough material like basalt or granite can have its appearance ruined by efflorescence, a white powder that appears due to salt deposits in the stone. What you need is a product that carries out heavy duty cleaning while keeping the stone intact. 

Dry-Treat's EFF-ERAYZA™ is tailor-made for a situation like this. Because it's acidic, it will clean efflorescence off easily, but it won't damage tough, non-acid sensitive stones like basalt. You wouldn't want to use this on limestone or marble, on the other hand.

3. "I own a store in a popular shopping area. I need to keep my store front looking attractive and damage-free"

Even a stone surface like concrete paver, as long-lasting as it is, won't survive long when large numbers of people are constantly walking all over it. And unfortunately, while you may try to seal it, the combination of high foot traffic and UV radiation will make quick work of the product. 

Dry-Treat's Concrete-Finisha™ could be the ideal solution here. Not only does it protect against stains and efflorescence, but being a semi-impregnating sealer, it won't be removed by foot traffic. It's also UV resistant, lasting up to 10 years in outdoor areas, making it a no-brainer for this scenario. 

What stone care scenarios have you dealt with where Dry-Treat would have come in handy? 

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