Versailles in Delaware: Surface cleaning at Namours

You can find something approximating the grandeur of Versailles in Delaware.

The United States of America's European heritage is evident in many parts of its cultural geography, from the many towns named after European capitals to the neoclassical arch...

Stone origins: Marble

Your marble hallway is the product of epic geological processes.

Your glistening marble floor or countertop may well be the pride of your home. But have you ever wondered where this now-impressive centerpieceĀ of your home got its start? The ori...

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Stone origins: Sandstone

Sandstone is the process of millions of years of stone deposition.

A sandstone wall can make for a great feature for your garden, driveway or just about any other part of the house. Sandstone has a knack for adding an earthy, grounded feel to what...

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Keeping the menace of slips at bay on your natural stone

There are other ways to increase slip resistance than to remove stray banana peels.

Winter tends to be associated with a lot of things: Cold, of course, as well as fires for roasting chestnuts, snowball fights, and maybe even a spot of ice skating - just to name a...

Spotting the trends in stone

Granite is one of the most popular stones in America.

There are so many stones to choose from out there. From beautiful, dark granite and milky limestone, to harsh, textured sandstone and dusty terracotta, modern home owners are ...

Porosity: A pithy primer

All matter is more nothing than something.

Porosity: If you're a regular reader of Surfacepedia, you're probably familiar with the term. And if you're a homeowner who happens to have a prominent feature made ...

Top 3 misconceptions about natural stone and sealing

Let us bust these major stone misconceptions for you.

We here at Surfacepedia like to think we know a little bit about stone. But not everyone is a stone expert - if you're an ordinary home owner, you've probably got a million things ...

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Iron: The silent stone stainer

You wouldn't think so, but the bathroom can be a prime location for iron staining.

In the field of music, heavy metal and rock and roll are two closely related genres. You could almost say they're cousins. But in the world of surface protection, iron and stone...

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